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Flexible Learning; Updated Courses

Discover an educational experience that is both comprehensive and convenient. With OSHAPro, you can progress at your own pace through your course using any mobile device anywhere in your home or on the go.

A Seamless Learning Experience

Each OSHAPro Course offers a different trip that is tailor-made to fit into your schedule. Whether taking a crash course or spreading your learning over several days, the choice is yours. Our approach provides for up to 7.5 hours of uninterrupted learning or shorter segmented study times made just for you.

Hassle-Free Training Programs

Inflexible timetables should not hinder professional development. Our flexible training system has been designed to suit your specific needs. The Learning Management System (LMS) stores your progress in real time so that you can continue your studies exactly where you left off at any time that suits you best.

Mobile-Friendly Solutions

Our training program is not limited to desktops; our reach goes beyond the conventional barriers. OSHA training courses from OSHAPro are completely mobile-compatible, which means you can get a full learning experience by tapping on your smartphone while on the move.

Learn On Your Terms

Take up an OSHA course and become part of the platform that promotes learners’ autonomy. Through a dedication to user-friendly and adaptive online learning, OSHA Pro are the epitome of convenient and flexible education for today’s professionals.

Why choose

We are the OSHA-authorized platform that offers online safety training courses at cost-effective rates. Our motive is to educate every individual to avoid workplace injuries.

DOL Card & Instant Certificate

Get an Instant DOL Card

We at OSHAPro, understand the significance of having proper and legal documentation of completing OSHA certification. The minute you complete the course, we will email you an instant printable certificate. You can use this certificate until you receive your DOL card from the US Department of Labor.

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later

Our safety courses are highly affordable to everyone. We, at OSHAPro, understand the importance of safety training, so we make sure that our commitment towards safety does not compromise the quality of our training. You can even avail of benefits from our buy now and pay later option.

5 Years Of Training Experience

Years Of Experience

We have years of experience in offering OSHA safety programs and make sure that our training must comply with the regulatory standards of OSHA. We have changed and improved our policies to meet the needs of our clients. Millions of people get their safety certifications and cards from OSHAPro.

Convenient Learning

Flexible & Adaptable Learning

At OSHAPro, offering a customized learning program so trainees will receive safety knowledge at their convenience. Eventually, you do not need a Laptop or Personal computer; you can get this training on your mobile. We ensure that our flexible and adaptable learning options accommodate your needs.

Discounts On Multiple Enrollments

Discount On Bulk Registration

OSHAPro offers discounts and deals on enrolling multiple employees and even earning free courses. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we're here to support your safety training needs while saving you money. Contact us today to learn more about our discounted bulk registration options!

Discounts On Multiple Enrollments

Professional Customer Support

Our dedicated team of support specialists is here to assist you every step of the way, from answering questions about our courses to resolving any issues you may encounter during your training. We strive to address your concerns efficiently and effectively.