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OSHAPro believes that it is important to form powerful alliances in enhancing the overall workplace safety and sustainable growth of all the industrial sectors across the country.

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We are actively searching for strategic alliances with businesses and organizations that are like-minded in terms of values and objectives. We are committed to the growth of our customers and partners through great career advancement opportunities.


Being associated with a renowned brand like ours will give your organization a higher profile. Our combined marketing forces can substantially increase your position within the occupational safety and health community.


Our focus is extending the market reach. You will find yourself in a world of opportunities by partnering with us, as you get to reach out to more customers, introducing an entirely new audience to your products or services.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or an established figure in the industry. We are looking forward to talking to you and discussing in detail the possible collaboration opportunities that have the potential to fundamentally change and develop the future of occupational health and safety. Let us together start on this path!