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More Than Just Free Study Guide

OSHAPro brings you professional workplace safety training sourced from OSHA-approved trainers.

OSHA-Approved And Updated Content

Study from the first OSHA-approved study guide of 2024, with content that has been specifically designed for the latest safety requirements. Stay ahead with a guide designed for the most recent standards.

Thorough And User-Friendly Guide

Prepare for your OSHA training with a free study guide that clearly outlines key points and study questions of the courses. Get up-to-speed on the learning material before you start your training.

Improve Your Odds Of Acing The Test

Benefit from the occupational safety study guide and enhance your chances of passing the OSHA quizzes on your first tries. Save your time and money by preparing for the test before enrolling in the course.

Free Active Shooter Course

Learn how to react and keep yourself safe during extreme emergencies such as an active shooter on your worksite. Get access to this course for free without making any form of payment.

Exclusive Access To Our LMS

Get access to our Learning Management System (LMS) for free. Enroll in free courses, explore paid courses and familiarize yourself with our advanced learning platform where you can earn OSHA certifications.

Discount Upon Enrollment

While you are gaining access to the free study guide, you will be provided the chance to enroll in OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour courses for an extraordinary discount. Don’t miss this chance.